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Went to the mall & talk is still cheap. But I don’t hear a peep. You niggas gotta be sleep. Snoozin in yo sheets when I popup an roast ya. Brown ya stupid ass like an oven or a toasta. Rock ya whole body like you on a rolla coasta.
When I get bored I’m slappin highfives wid The Lord. Nah not Lorde, she just not on the board. Her face more twisted than a damn bungee-cord. You can tell I’m the king by the way that I just roared. Y’all ain’t never gonna royal. Drop you in the pot cuz im tryna see you boil. I’m rollin 200 you might wanna check ya oil. All y’all niggas stink, think ya career is bouta spoil. Y’all’s hoes ain’t loyal. Eatin leftovers, ima start rappin em in tinfoil.


You don’t have the right to complain about immigrants or immigration unless you are Native American. Cause as much as white people will say that their ancestors were here for generations, their white ass still immigrated from somewhere.

So shut the fuck up you hypocritical assholes.

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Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style.


I don’t articulate myself well, I’m not much of a speaker. 
I’m all monotonous rants and jokes and crying laughter.
I just want to tell you how much I care for you without sounding like a fool.

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